Marathi Ukhane


If there are a few customs still left unchanged in our marathi style marriages, it is “naav ghene ” or ukhane ghene. With the advent of bollywood style and a western influence on our marriages this custom of “naav ghene” is undoubtely dying out. “Ukhane” at a certain point of time was the only singular mode for a “vadhu” (bride) to take her groom’s (varr’s). this being my first post, i hope to give my contribution to this age old custom and hope that will have to post more..

1) Netrachya niranjani aashrunchya wati,

________ sathi sodli majhya maher chi naati

2) Gulabachya fula peksha najuk distey shevanti,

_________ ne sukhi rahave hi parmeshwarala vinanti.

3) Kali ummalli khudan hasli,

sparsh zala waryacha,

_______ che naav ghete asava ashirvad sarvancha.

4) (bride’s surname) chi ladki lek zali,

(groom’s surname) chi soon,

_______ che naav ghete sarvancha maan rakhun.

5) Aai baba premal,

Sasu sasre houshi,

______ che naav ghete (name any festival) pooje chya diwshi

6) Naav ghe, naav ghe,

agraha kashacha,

_______ che naav othat prashna asto ukhanyacha

7) Umbarthyawaril maap dete sukhi jiwanchi chahul,

_______ chya jiwanat takte aaj pahile paaul.

8) Dara padhe kadhavi rangoli fulanchi,

_____ che naav ghete navi soon ( groom’s surname) chi

9) Pati patniche naate mhanje fule abolichi,

(bride’s name) chya naavala zod milali (groom’s name)chya navachi.

10) Viraha vadhavinara antarpath kshanat zala dur,

(bride and groom’s names) chya sansarat aiku yetil fakt prem sanayiche suur.


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